Poem -

Inspired by dissolve

As the sun casts a dye,
across the sky,Β 
it becomes red with blood.
From life to demise,Β 
the wicked new what would!
What will?
in times of thrill,
begin to seek revenge.
Of the broken souls,Β 
in times of yore,Β 
that hath no amends.
The broken bow,Β 
the tyrants scorn.
The lightning begins to shine.Β 
And right Now the heavens torn,
So come bring me to thine.
Alas I roar from pain within.
I grin a broken smile,Β 
From the terrors of the time of then!
With laughter all the while.
To flourish from the dirt again,
Or to perish into it.
T'would be acts of reckoning,
The salamander hiss.
Brings us to reconnaissance!Β 
To this euphoric bliss.
Decapitate the heart ache,Β 
that hath brought me to this!