Poem -

INVICTUS! (The Unconquered)

Rev. 22:13-14

INVICTUS!  (The Unconquered)

The perennial seeks the new day
Joyously having conquered yet again.
For Grace joins its ascension into its dawning
From distant depths where enigmas are answered.
Again, and Again the perennial rises triumphant
Echoing oracles known only to Creation.
Life can pass from a flicker into obscurity.
Yet the perennial lives though the murk
And the dark rigor of a muddied sun.
You see, the perennial knows the cipher,
The ethereal command, the mystery
Of genesis born of great faith.  
The secret is in the excellence of the seed!
For some, tomorrow is but a guess, there is no promise.
Yet the perennial will always be a "perpetuity".
It lives a LIFE where its seed is imperishable;
Where the cipher of the enigma is an uttered theophany!
Hear the Heavenly Father's edict:  "Be free from human fatality!"
Victoriously they enter sacrosanct and invictus!
Yes, those who will endure to the end
Shall enter the amaranthine Light of God!

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