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"Is it really you".. is it...

"Is it really you".. is it...

I knew one day 
this day would come.
Took Months and years 
and still some.

I thought and waited
I even asked mom.
She stared and said 
you'll wait forever hunn

That man is a phantom 
this is your outcome.
This is he's song 
So don't stay out long.

But she could have not been more wrong
He was here with a different song
He thought of me all along....
Because of that too him I belong
I have a father and that can't be wrong
Can i say it...?
.....He really did love me.....I guess I was wrong to think I could not have something strong. 

I glanced up and what I saw 
Just made me not want to walk
I stared at a stranger and dint feel strange. 
And 1...2...4....6...10....
Between us existed no more range
He holded me and I felt tall 
Now dad stared and I cared
And I saw him smell my hair.... omg... he cared!
Just now we shared!
Mom was surprise but she looked scared. 
It was weird how she also stared 
She could not believe 
How she saw the pain in me leave...
It was her wish that released for my relief...

But you should of seen my face when I first opened the door..........

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al Bikaadi

I hope my own son discovers how much I love him... sooner rather than later

Marion Price

I notice that though I commented I did not vote!! Rectified, apologies!! This is a lovely write about connections and missing the idea of someone and of longing and discovery and the magic of possibilities, beautiful 🌹🌹 


It's ok sister poet no need.. thank you the  vote I don't care for im bless with your common.. :)  always ok