Poem -

Is There.

He says.
If only.
If only i knew.
But i didn’t.
I sure as heaven didn’t.
If i did.
If only i did.
But i didn’t.
I sure as hell didn’t.
I would have helped.
But i didn’t help.
Because if only.
And If i did.
But i didn’t.
I sure as heaven and hell didn’t.

She says.
What the fuck are you on about ball bag.
If only, if only your granny had of had balls she would have been your grandpa.
But she didn’t.
She sure as hell didn’t.
But if she did.
But she didn’t, so what’s the point of talking about it ball bag.

He says.
Do you mean if my granny had been a transvestite.

She says.
Shut it ball bag.

So he did.
Yes he sure as hell did.
But if he didn’t.
But he did so there’s no point in talking about if he didn’t.
Is there.

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