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Isn’t time ironic

Isn’t time ironic

I wrote a ditty about the speed of time when we are enjoying fun, but what about the slow motion of something horrible when all is said & done
Now that is a different scenario, one has to endure it’s pain as time slows down to a standstill driving one insane

Isn’t it ironic the way that time can make us feel in unique circumstances one get’s caught up in it’s reel
Our tick of a clock can determine  our fate, whilst we may arrive early, it is easy to be late

There is simply nothing noone can do to change the tempo of time betwixt the workings of a clock, amidst it’s chronological chime
Whilst one is on a high, time seems to speed up & fly by,
but on a moment of a low alas the ticks of time shall go so slow

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A Lonely Journey

So true, Jillian! 
Once, when I attached my watch to my pet parrot, Phlegmly, time flew, and then when I stuck it on some baby's leg, it crawled...it's a curious thing...if that's what you meant by that. ?? 
Anyway, I loved the introspectiveness of that, and that's not even the right word, or a word for that fact. 
You are fum, and thought provoking. 
Great job. 


Isn’t it a mystery?..we can’t see, touch,taste or hear it but it dominates all we do...those special moments when time really does seem to stand still and all you want is to stay captured by it forever..when you look in a mirror and see how much time has gone by almost without noticing it....when you want time to speed by because you miss someone you have lost...You have chosen a wonderful topic and created a very readable and enjoyable piece..Nice job Jill ...Lodigiana xx

Jill Tait

Aww thanking you so kindly xx