Poem -

It is what it is

As i lay here resting my head, 
Listening to my daughter cry refusing her bed.
The simplest rules to them are so tragically heartbreaking,
Tantrums and screams till there buggered and deep breath taking.
Just makes me think some people are so tough , 
How we hold it all in when life's horribly rough. 
We have to stay sane and strong for the day to be complete,
All body exhausted and run off our feet.
I know that's just life and it's our own life we create, 
just a mini vent from me and to say YOUR all great.



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Tony Taylor

Hi KELLIE!! this is a VERY creative and insightful write!!..... delivered with the near-perfect rhyme scheme of a 'Limerick'!!.....ALL STARS!!..... well done dear poet sister!!..... and... in case no one has said so....... WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👌✴❤