It's Christmas Day

It's Christmas  Day

It's Christmas  Day 
The sky is grey
And here I am
Missing You

A party with my friends
All tinstle and glitter
Pull crackers, wear crowns
And all act like clowns

But someone is missing
It's a shadow on my heart 
Memories  of you  fly at me like darts
Into the unsealed crevices of my heart 

I drink with the boys
A sparkly toy
I waltz through the town 
Not once looking down

There's a hole in my heart where you used to be
There's a space on my pillow which mourns your passing

There's a song on the wind
Which you used to sing
There's a poem unwritten
With your footprints  in ink

As I walk home along the cobbles
To my flashing lights and baubles
I wonder where you are?
If  you're  happy with some friends laughing in a bar?

I truly  hope you're  happy 
That you've found Love and Peace
On Christmas day, in every  way
I hope you're full of joy, your heart  all in one piece 

I'm walking through the  drizzle 
To my lighthouse by the sea
To drink 2 brandy coffees
One  for you and one for me

The year is almost over 
I'm sitting here reflecting
Your bad points I'm deflecting
Just looking at the sea and learning how to Be

You no longer read  my poetry 
We no longer drink red wine
The magic all evaporated 
We ran out of golden time

So I'll try not to be maudlin
I'll try not to feel blue
I'll just drink up the Malbec
And remember  You.

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Gerard McGowan

Brilliant poem, I can feel the sadness as it Carrys broken love through out. The thought of you walking through the streets, writing this in your head. 

It's a tragedy, the lover who never reads your heart again.

Djangos Daughter

Thanks for reading and feedback Gerard. Much appreciated.  Hope you've had an enjoyable  Christmas  Day. DD


A brilliant and wonderful piece of've nailed it !

Djangos Daughter

Hi Kieran. A Merry  Christmas  to you. Hope you've had a good one. Many Thanks for reading. Glad you  enjoyed it. All the best. DD

Nigel Cresswell

Hi DD, I'd say merry Xmas but in light of this beautiful poem perhaps just happy new year. We have all been there I think, if we have lived long enough. Happy new year DD

Djangos Daughter

Hello darling and a happy New year to you  too. We all need the promise of a New Year x


A beautifully written tragedy. I really felt this as I read. The theme so apt for the time of year and absolutely deserving of the win. Congratulations.


Djangos Daughter

Thanks and Congratulations  to you also. Once upon  an insomniac I identified with your write x