Poem -

It’s not you it’s me

It’s not you it’s me
The greatest lie ever told
Whilst they are trying to withhold 
Everything wrong with you
But there’s nothing you can do

You can only wait
To see what they construct
To lie and hide
That you’re just a broken product

Anger and Hate is what you feel
Looking into their glazed over eyes
All you can see is their demise
Playing it over and over within your head
All you wish now is that you were dead

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Katina Woodruff...

Hello Poet! 

I'm so happy I found one of your poems. 

I'm Katina by the way, I joined in mid-December and I'm totally hooked on reading poetry at Cosmofunnel. Welcome to the site and to the writing community. 

What I liked about your poem was the rhyme scheme, great work! 
What types of poetry do you like most? Are there poetry styles you wish to learn? 
Who is your favorite poets that inspire you? I ask because there are so many wonderful poets, from the past, and in the present day, especially here at Cosmofunnel. One writer I recommend you reading is: Jill Tait, she has a narrative/lyric style. Her poems sound like music on the page. There are a lot of wonderful writers on the site. I hope you discover them all. 

Have a wonderful day.