Poem -


Between The Lines


I feel like im losing myself,
Not only from reality, but the universe as well.
I sometimes believe that I need help, Though everytime I seek it,
Theres no one that understands & im just the one odd ball out.
Im just viewed at, as a problem.
That no one has ever even given a minute to think about.
Just a tossed & lost conclusion to a solution.
Hands Down.

I feel an attack coming on when people open their mouths & shout. For the voices in my head are already playing on loud,
I cant sleep & I cant reach the sound, For theres no knob or option of turning the volume down.

So I stay awake,
Deal with the questions & blame the next day.
For not being the same,
I know it shouldn't be this way, Though I still feel shame.
For past, present & future mistakes. Even the ones that I didnt make,
but forced to partake.
Still lie dormant in the brain,
With no break nor escape.
Which Results in Just another personality change!

At Its Finest!

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Tony Taylor

Hello SAMANTHA!!.... what a well crafted piece of poetic prose!!....You have delivered some VERY powerful phrases here that definitely add to the overall tone and ambiance of being lost, misjudged, outcast, and generally misunderstood by piers and parents alike...... while simultaneously speaking directly to the 'inner dialogue' of a person dealing with mental issues ~

                       ~ "I feel an attack coming on
                          When people open their mouths & shout
                          For the voices inside my head
                          Are already playing on loud..."

I Love those lines.... they set the perfect foundation for being able to relate to this character!!........ Well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered dear poet sister!!.......ALL STARS!!....... and.......WELCOME to COSMO!!...... Love & Rockets!!.......T xo  : )

Samantha Sloan

Thank you so much for your time of Acknowledgement. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Isaac Pulpit

Wow!!! You coloured my heart with hope. My mind painted with new understanding. Your message is timely and timeless. The lesson is ... everlasting.

Welcome Poetess Sama