Poem -



Im In Shock,
Continuously putting myself In trance
With images that I just cant block.
Im In Shock
Damaged in a sense that makes me stronger,
Torn to pieces, 
Till I hurt no longer.
You called me pathetic,
I told you that you were wrong!
I collect my self power,
Forgive & Move On!
Remember who I AM,
Not who I was made out to be.
I know im way to genuine of a person,
To allow this all to crash down on me.

SO.......I RUN ....
Shutting the door real quick,
Locking myself within, 
Yet Behind the scene.
Waters running, 
I lay there in the bathtub
With attempt to wash the trauma clean.
Feeling the house shake, 
I hear nothing but BOMBS go off!
Searching my mind for a safe place,
A place that Ill find comforting.
And Now, Here comes the door.....
Hinges busted right from the frame,
Now smashed along the floor.
With Nothing But Hate & Anger Upon His Face.

I close my eyes,
So I dont mistake looking his way.
"Please dont let me get hit in the face!" 
I show no acknoledgment & continue to bathe.
I spare no eye contact,
Nothing to say or relay.
My body left paralyzed & my voice taken away.
He's completely obliterated,
Claiming that he's OK!
He left me last night,
With No recollection  of it today.
My biggest arguement at this point is......

The decision that I had made to stay!


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