Poem -

just be selfish...

just be selfish...

just let me be free for today
under the same sun but it burns where I am
somehow, I let you tell me what is right
this time it's my turn. My time to shine

I’ll find myself now, I used to only have innocent hopes, but you erased all of my good days. But it’s still not too late for me. I wanna enjoy this long and lazy day…

breakfast for dinner, no longer the bread winner
every woman for herself, it's a woman's world

still have so many un-granted wishes
everywhere else is full so I'll take this path
listen to my own music and eat what's good
freedom of dance; I JUST WANNA DANCE!
i wanna be free, just let me be free now
selfish she, they will whisper about me
how lovely would it be, to live in this dream