Poem -

Just let me in

Show me your love
Show me your everything,
Show me all it will be exciting,
Show me your desire
And show me how you flirt,
And I will never treat you
As if you have no worth,
For you are a beauty
You smile so invitingly,
That innocent look
Could be mistook,
They way you walk
The way you talk,
Got me dangling on your hook.
The way you move,
The truth is you
Are such a teaser,
A real crowd pleaser,
You turn heads
Everywhere you go,
Your heart is open
And I want to know,
If I enter in to you so deep
What are the rewards
That we will reap.
Together forever 
Now that’s a long time,
Or do you only want me 
Because you are kind,
Or will you keep me wriggling 
Like bait on a line,
Show me your love
Show me your everything,
Show me all and it will be exciting,
Give me your body,
Give me your mind,
Give me something spiritual,
Give me it sublime,
I want your love
I need it all,
Don’t be so hard now
Don’t put up your walls,
Let me in 
And we can begin,
Exploring every inch
Of our bodies and soul,
Just let me in.

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Lauren Dorf

Great write!



Thank you much appreciated