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Just One Look

Just One Look

You are my sunrise, my sunset, and everything in between;
You’ve brought my life pure ecstasy, the happiest I’ve ever been!
From the moment I first saw you, on that most glorious of nights;
Our hearts and souls connected, true love at very first sight!
For over twenty-seven years now, we have shared such joyous lives;
The epitome of a union, the ultimate man and wife!
We nurture and help each other, get through life’s adversities;
When one of us is hurting, the other brings about pains ease!
Each morning I look so forward, to the moment when you awake;
To hold you in my arms again, perfection’s photos my eyes then take!
You are my entire Universe, the Heavens and the Sun;
Happy Thanksgiving my treasured Soulmate, my life and you are one!
Life started with you
It took but one look to know
I’d found my Soulmate

Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful Linda

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Cherie Leigh

Awww...How sweet!  You two are such an inspiration of what love is suppose to be..I love the respect...the reverence of such a gift you have found in each other's love....What a wonderful testimony of what love can be and continue to inspire for each other and others to see.  All my love to you both!  I am so sentimental over love...sniffles...  ;)  xo

Larry Ran

Our Dear cherie,

As are you and Tony, such a tremendous inspiration to us and all your readers on Cosmo, with the beautiful love poems you create for one another.  It has been such a joy for us to relive the early inceptions of our love through you and Tony.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx