Poem -

Kids are Kids

Kids are Kids

Maybe a little mischievous 
​​​​​​ Often naughty at times 
But it’s never for what you’d call,a crime 

Kids are kids,we know the score 
​​​​​​ A long time ago,we’d been there before 
We’d done the chapters,in the naughty book 
Wish you could go back in our time,to take a little look 

In time,you’ll look back and realise 
​​​​​​ Sometimes your decisions,you may despise 
But it’s all a part of your learning curve 
​​​​​​ Your life is for living,don’t loose your nerve 

Yes,kids are kids,we know what you say 
​​​​​​ But we tell you off,to show you the right way 
One day,you may come to realise 
​​​​​​ We were right,surprise,surprise 

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