Poem -

Kingdom of Doom

Kingdom of Doom

Death prevailed all over the palace,
Situated in the center of a town.
It was The Kingdom of doom,
Condemned to destruction.

All the people had already left,
The monsters hindered in the architectural cleft.
Searching for the rich blood,
Of the humans to fetch.

Kingdom of doom was once a happy place,
Where people enjoyed  every day at the palace.
But the king of the kingdom,
Had more than a Wisdom;
He was the emperor of all the monstrous traits.

The King soon started to get,
Lust for the people's blood.
And ordered his troops,
To make the town flood.

All the people were hunted,
Soon the Kingdom became haunted.
All the people left for a new place,
Except the king; ruling in the palace.

A brave summoner once came in the town,
Summoned a magic spell;
To catch the king and his monsters abound.

Soon they were all caught,
By the bravery of the Summoner.
And the people too came back around.

But wait a minute!
How did the Summoner, summon those creatures?
As they obey the magic words,
Given by their own people...!


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