Poem -


Seven decades in films never short of work 
To his fans he was known simply as Kirk
Times were hard when he was a little lad 
Poverty was all his family ever had 

Kirk the boy soon became Kirk the man 
A Hollywood blacklist he helped to ban 
Film roles and famous lines followed too 
A big box office star that much is true 

So many characters did Kirk portray 
Spartacus his famous one so people say
Kirk left the world at a hundred and three
One of the greatest actors there ever will be

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Tony Taylor

CONGRATULATIONS on the nomination dear poet brother..... this is a truly deserving poem and an excellent tribute-write  to one of the greatest contributors to HOLLYWOOD as a whole...... There will never be another Mr, Douglas!!..... he gave so MUCH to the arts in general and did hundreds of films in his truly amazing career...... of course his son has followed magnificently in his footsteps..... But..... Kirk Douglas is a true "ONE-OF-A-KIND"........ALL STARS & PINNED!!...... Great work KIERAN!!.... and.... Good Luck!!...... LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )

Cherie Leigh

I could not agree more, Kieran.  He is a legend and was definitely a leader in Hollywood movies to set the tone for greatness.  I love Spartacus..and I like his son, Michael Douglas as an actor too....He will be missed...Great dedication piece to honor his lie and contributions.  xo ;)

A Lonely Journey

When I read the title, I thought 'oh man! a trekkie!' but Kirk Douglas was great, too, and your dedication was fantastic. Thanks! 

Live long, and prosper. 

Jill Tait

Wow yes I loved Kirk Brilliantly penned xxx

Terry Kay

Keiran,. Congrats on your nomination.  You're great and it's so deserving.  Love, Terry Kay