Poem -

Kiss Of Death

Kiss Of Death

Mysterious woman of
the midnight hour
Sitting in the darkness 
beneath the moon lit night
The wind howls in the darkness
of the witches hour
And trees sway in the mist of 
the rushing of the breeze 

The smell of the perfume lingers
In the air tonight
As the fragrance swirls with 
the push of the breeze 
Puts me in a trance of undesirable 
love hidden deep within 
A love that has been buried since
the passing of my love

You sit there with tears of blood 
that drips from your eyes
And have lips as blue as a lifeless 
Pale and cold corpse
Your eyes are black and dark
as the dark abyss down below
Holding an hour glass that marks
the end of someone’s time 

You slowly walk up to me as I feel
the darkness deep within 
Makes me wonder if you were the 
angel of death to collect my soul
The one true lover to the prince
of darkness down below
Bounded by the chains to do
your masters bidden

You put your hands around
me saying close your eyes
As the coldness of your breath 
sends a chill down my spine
I could feel your cold lips 
press softly against mine
As I feel my life slowly drifting 
away in the sand of time

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