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Kittypuss the cautious cat

Kittypuss the cautious cat

She jumps up with such determination onto the window sill thinking only of mice and her sensational kill.. Oh how she is excited, shes thought of nothing else all morning, prancing on top of her Mistress’s bed as she was snoring and a’yawning

So Kittypuss loves the great outdoors  she is a muscular, mighty cat, nothing would ever frighten her there is no doubt about that, her eager eyes are scrutinising each and every blade of grass, with her warm pink nostrils rubbed against the condensation on the glass..was that a mouse she saw darting through the bottom of the drystone wall? or perhaps it was something very similar, probably a tiny vole

At last her mistress steps down the spiral staircase and pulls the curtains all ajar, she thought Kittypuss was wanting outside, she is such a superstar.. in all the years they have had her not once has Kittypuss caused a mess, infact they know immediately when she needs to do her business with her obvious distress.. but today the wind is howling, blowing a horrible hooley, so as soon as the window is opened it scares the pants off little Miss truly

“Purrrrrr” “Yowl, growl” Meowww” “Hiss” says Kittypuss the cautious cat, “Oh you don’t want to go out in this?” her mistress says stood upon the mat..”Come on Kittypuss let us go into the kitchen and pour you a dish of milk” as she strokes her hand along her pretty furry coat that feels as soft as silk.. lapping up her delicious drink Kittypuss feels her Mistress’s love, rubbing up against her ankles and listening to her up above