Poem -

Labyrinths with time

Moving within myself. 
Boxes within boxes.
Labyrinths with time.
what is the highest truth?

A fantasy pops up,
images floating by.
Blowing themselves up 
as the truth in front of your eyes.
Lost in eternity, 
fear and anxiety every where,
moving from labyrinth to labyrinth,
an eternity never to end.

Inner feelings from past lives,
projected on a new life,
Labyrinths with time.
For ever long, to understand.
Before moving out of them,
swimming in the oceans
of universal love.
For ever more.

What is reality?
Getting out of the boxes,
out of the labyrinths with time.
Swimming in the ocean of love,
moving through the afterlife
and back to the Earth again.
From one life to another.

Getting connected with your spirit and soul.
Deeper layers in invisible landscapes.
Projecting the light on dark alleys,
you haven't seen yet. 
The darkness disappears.
Moving through light from there on
in all of your future lives. 

The inner core charges again.
Getting connected with the universe.
Getting connected with your mind.
Getting connected with your feelings.
Getting connected with the afterlife.
Past and future lives, with a clear view.

A bigger inner core of rest and peace
Glowing massively.
Laying down the turmoils.
Connecting with past lives.
A bigger picture, a new map.
Higher in the spheres of light,
projecting that as the highest truth there is
and making heaven on earth. 

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Tony Taylor

Hey EVERT!!....I love the Metaphysical aspect of this piece...... the well delivered poetic prose taking the reader into the realm of your intent..... I have a blog on Metaphysics so perhaps I'm a little biased...... but I do find the poetry of the piece to be most relevant...... well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!......ALL STARS!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 👏👏✴👏👏✴😊👀

Evert Jan Guijt

Thanks Tony!
I really appreciate that.
I love to think about many possibilities with the afterlife.
I am learning by writing about it, to see my thoughts more clearly. 
Thank you for your reply! 

I will check out your page soon!

Gr. EJ


What is this? A present presented in the present? The gift of life and acceptance of death. 

I dont mind it!

Evert Jan Guijt

Yes, that is what I am talking about and want people to know
about the afterlife and reincarnation. 
Your body stays behind and your spirit and soul continue to live on.
A never ending cycle from one life to another. 
Moving through the universe in peace and love. 
Isn't that beautiful? 

Thank you for your reply!

Gr. Evert Jan