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Last of the Summer Skies.

Last of the Summer Skies.

When cuckoo's call no longer heard,
When barn owls hoot their solemn words;
When melancholy curlews 
Send their calls across  the moor,
Then that's the time you know my friend,
That autumn's here for sure.

When swallows all head south in flocks,
When moonlight silhouettes a fox,
When gold and bronze leaves spiral down
To fall in layers on the ground,
The that's the time you know my friend,
That autumn time is here again.

When hawthorn berries bright red show
In hedgerows where the dog rose grows;
When bracken turns from green to brown;
When soft mists creep across the ground,
When skies turn grey that once were blue,
Then autumn's come to call on you.

Some greet it like a sullen foe
With looks of enmity and woe;
But some, like I, we welcome it,
Enjoy its damp and clammy grip;
We love its colours and its sights,
Its sparkling stars and cooler nights.
For me, when summer's at an end,
I greet the autumn like a friend.

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Paul Bownas

All photographs used with my poetry were taken by me.