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Let Me Go

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I remember being a child, happy and free. 

Now there's a mad dog viciously attacking me 

I fall on my knee; he bends me over, 

Unleashing the inner beast of his Golden Retriever 

I shout. Why me? Why me? 

Then he chews me up and spits me out 

Like a rotten piece of meat that no man will eat. 

Maybe a young beautiful woman like me is worthless 

Or, is it just that he wants someone perfect? 

Sigh. He's a Jigsaw Puzzle. 

I nurse him and feed him too, 

But yet he barks? 

And drags me to the dark. 

I sweat, I bleed, I cry. 

He doesn't care about a relationship 

This man wants me to die 

He grabs my waist; he slaps my hip 

So, I say let me go and he says no

He growls aloud scraping me with his claw, 

Locks me inside knowing it's against the law.

I'm gasping half dead 

But there's something in my bra 

And he doesn't know. 

For no longer am I afraid of his iniquitous shadow 

He raises his paw whispering die 

But I say no. Not I. 

Again. I say let me go, but this man says no. 

So, I take out the knife. 

While he pounds my chest and bites my toe 

I pierce through his heart 

And then, he lets go. 

Samara Mitchell. 

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Tony Taylor

WOW!!... intensely empowering for women all over the world.... this should be published and put on Billboards and the sides of buses everywhere!!.......Smokin' grooves dear poet sister!!....I pray that this comes from a fictional place for you personally...... regardless, it holds a power all its own!!......ALL STARS!!.... well done M. DEFINITE!!...... and..... in case no one has said so......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤