Poem -



My face
I look at my face, i see my face or does my face see me
I'm not sure anymore. 

I see so much. i look i watch, i see with my eye.
On my face i see my nose this thing with two holes
that make me smell or do  smell make me
I can smell good and smell bad
some times i get blocked and that feels sad. 
Good job i have a mouth that i can breath out too
that houses my tongue and houses my teeth
which give me the taste and able to chew food i eat.

Then i have two ears that stick out like pears  
on each side of my face dont' look out of place
i nearly forgot can hear a pin drop.

Then there's the eye brow and eyelash that really suits
and the chin and the cheeks that look so cute.
The forhead and hair that look just fine
the spots on my face that all are mine.

My face, Oh i can touch with my hand God did this two us
i dont understand how he created us so different
but yet the same.
Our eyes and nose mouth and ears all in the same space 
Giving thanks to his grace, give thanks