Poem -

Letters from Artemis - Alpha

He stoops low towards my shoulder,
digging rugged claws into bare flesh.
Rest here ally. Artemis is your protector.

She stands proud beside me,
Almond doe eyes tell me, we shall go to war together.

Dead, alive, we shoot this arrow as a force of one.
Unified by our understanding of freedom.

We have escaped far from the wretched souls of Greece
Secluded in a universe adorned with beasts, nature and peace.

When midnight strikes, the moon lowers her gaze upon what is mine.
Knowing not to sleep, for Artemis is a huntress and will strike what she sights.

Never to lose focus on the woman within.
My body is a celebration of virginity,
Yet Artemis has made love to those most in need of treasured hope.

Knowing I cannot go on like this any longer,
I have cocooned myself in a land of desolation which I adore.

Will you abandon me in solitude?
Will you imprison me in self discovery?

I buried Artemis with her guilty pleasures.
But behold! Risen from the dead.

Artemis has emerged!


With Love