Poem -

Life is for Living

Life is for Living

How do you loose a reason to sing 
​​​​​​ Well baby, I can only really think of one thing 
Why would you loose the reason to live
When there’s so much more,somebody can give 

Things are so precious
 Don’t ever let go
Life is for living 
​​​​​​ Just thought you should know 
Be kind,while you’re living,don’t know what to expect 
​​​​​​ Don’t know when your number’s up
You could be next 

Stuck in the mud,like an old rusty cart
 Get yourself going boy,make a new start 
You only have one chance in life 
​​​​​​ You gotta do it well 
If folks don’t like it 
 They can go to Hell 

Life is for living,just do it for yourself 
​​​​​​ Don’t be the last one 
Sitting on the shelf 
​​​​​​ Just make your move
And make it quick
 Don’t be like Rodney
The dopey dipstick 

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