Poem -

Life's Race

Life's Race

I was walking not knowing
The path, I was taking.
I stop and look to my surroundings;
And noticed that I was left behind with nothing.

I close my eyes and listen
Shook! The silence was so deafening;
Then I realized
It's only me, remain!

I ran after to catch up
But all of you are on the top!
How could I catch you?
When I couldn't even reach you!
I look up and clap
Bravo! I'm happy for you.

My race is not over
I'm willing to start-over
Looking at the sight up there
I know, someday I could
draw level.

I'm still on my race track
Ready to fight, the battle of my life
Yeah, sometimes I lose the fight;
Yet, willing to make it right.

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