Poem -


Remember the time you went to school 
Everyone had a teacher they thought was cool 
Taught the subject so you could comprehend 
You listened intently as you didn't want to offend 

My favourite teacher was Mister Grundy 
With him teaching I looked forward to Monday 
He taught me English and how to write 
Spent time with me as I was not too bright 

I wonder where my teacher is today 
Taught me a long while ago I have to say 
Listen to your teachers would be my advice 
Most of them you will find are really nice

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Richard Waters

IF, they are worth listening to. Of good character, and standing. They have to have the right credentials to forge the future, you know. They must be qualified, in academia, as well as the university of life to be trusted. With the profession, which " clears pathways " to better.
Thanks, for drawing attention to such an important role, within our lives. As was the case, in years gone by. :)