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Living On The Edge

Living On The Edge

I was living on the edge of the double bladed sword, 
Inside me I dread I was ripped at the cord. 
But now I've been found and this love I adore, 
I got pulled from the ground and felt hatred no more.

It's now my chance to shine in a world full of dark, 
My happiness will prance, be held down in park.
'Cause I'm no longer ripped up from the seams, 
I felt the beam, 
It ripped up the sword, 
Pointed my direction toward, 
A sweet grace of faith, all the hatred replaced. 
I got fixed at the seam, felt the directional beam,
Will live my life with less force, take my natural course, 
I no longer live on a double bladed sword, 
It was really just a shiv severing my cord. 

But now the passion I hold, will never fold, 
I no longer live out in the cold. 
For in me the dark will never again embark, 
Faith is in park. 
We are all gifted within, to try is to win, 
Believe in yourself and you life will begin! 


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Richard Waters

Powerful message to a dramatically worked piece.
Wishing you well !  :)

Cherie Leigh

Hi Justin.....Faith can change everything....even living on a double edged sword which only caused pain....I like the metaphorical imagery you created!  Welcome to Cosmo. xo Cherie