Poem -

Loch Ness

Loch Ness

Veiled within highland’s murky depths,
Endless scope amidst watery breadth.
Lingering macabre anchors belief,
In sight in hope by a few so brief.

Surrealistic beast amidst the loch,
Rears its head as men in flock,
Surrender will to capture thee,
Too late to prove, the beast in flee.
Luminous moon, stars in gaze,
What creature if any amidst the waves?
Scottish hearts taper in grim,
Tale of truth or myth a whim?


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Mitsali Fatima

I like the way you wrote that nice work, personally I love anything doΒ do with legends and myths!
This was really enjoyable to read :)

Cherie Leigh

It is nice to want there to be a Nessy of some kind still around from a remnant of some primitive beast...I know they proved the original picture was a fake of the Lock Ness Monster and the man who took the picture admitted his scam right before he died, but there are still such accounts that cannot be explained....lots of strange sightings....You never know...xo ;)