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Long Distance Love

sitting here in the dark under the tree where we kissed all night in the park. I'm under the moon light.Oh what a fright it was to see you go.

Now we have long distance love.When push comes to shove. I know it's hard but I still love you hope you love me to.

If you be untrue and find someone new it'll brake my hart and I'll start to cry.I don't know why you'll do that.In fact I will still love you.

This long distance love wont keep me loving you and you alone.I know it's hard but don't you part from me.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Clayton.  You have such a romantic heart.  It's refreshing to see that  young men can have classic charm still. Lol  I know exactly how it feels to have a long distance relationship and want to work hard at it knowing that love is worth it.  Love never leaves the heart, even when physical distance is there.  Love your sentiments. xox C