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It's so easy nowadays to lose yourself in the obscurity of this impersonal world,
Where your face is just a number in the endless code of business at work,
Honesty and virtue are private affairs,
Guarded and wasted on those that don't listen or care,
Less and less we share our futures,
Walls built up to prevent an intrusion,
Aching bones that echo our loneliness,
Friends that drift apart because they're too busy,
Washing their clothes or their new shiny cars,
Just down the road is a bit too far really,
Its just so hard to find the time and the energy to try,
Why bother when I'm warm and I'm dry,
Resting and flexing my toes on a leather recliner,
Drinking gin and before I even know it another evening goes by,
Ignorance is bliss I heard a man say at the diner,
Back to work in the pursuit of more,
Two weeks off to be packaged up abroad,
Endless cycles of boredom and anonymity,
Only to get by and create a few memories,
Everything taken for granted,
Nothing is sacred and lost is the magic.


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Nice write John.
I can definitely relate to these lines.

Drinking gin and before I even know it another evening goes by,

- SydΒ 

John Coggins

Thanks Syd! Just a bit of a rant though tbf! Lol!πŸ™‚

India Morrow

I can totally relate to this! Continue to share your thoughts! I often feel I need more magic!!Β