Poem -


What happens when nothing goes right and left is a dead end 
The feeling of happiness is too far and in between, each time shorter than the last 
Your own thoughts beginning to scare you as loneliness takes over 
In a crowd full of people but not one hears you as you’re screaming 
Being alone is not a bad thing anymore  when
The alarm clock is a battle cry in the war of living 
Sleep is the only escape but you stay restless as the racing of the mind is intense and constant, uncontrollably negative 
No longer able to see the light in the dark 
you feel your self slipping away 
Looking in the mirror is a stranger 
People notice but stay silent 
Constantly pretending its okay 
But each day gets harder 
Staying strong when you don’t want to be 
Quickly running out of energy 
So lost and there’s no map 
Aimlessly searching you ask 
How did I get here 

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Marion Price

It's amazing to me that so many of us experience similar feelings...I know this place you so achingly describe 🌹