Poem -

Lost by Yoon Cho

Gleaming through the dark cities
I see a winter moon, shining upon me.
I stand there with no emotion
Nothing, but a sense of being lost.

I wonder around the city
Looking for my home.
I start to question where I belong.
Why am I here?

No one seemed to notice me
Not one but a little girl.
She grasped my hand and took me through the city
Far, far away from home.

As we kept walking,
I saw a gleaming light.
I saw a city,
Full of summer light.

Out of curiosity I headed towards the city.
It was full of life and warmth.
I felt my joy rushing over me,
And I truly felt my happiness.

This was where I belonged,
This was my home.

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i really like how you talk of feeling lost when you see the moon and feelin you have found your home when you see the sun . lovely writing, enjoyed...