Poem -

Love at fist sight

It was a little cold that night.
Thick fog filled the air blurring all in sight.
We listen to the creatures that scurry outside the light.
As we sat there we had the feeling, everything was right.

I stared into your eyes and you stared back at mine.
It was like the world quit spinning. We were lost in time.
I new right then that I was gonna have to draw a line.
We stop this thing right here, right now, or we let our two loves shine.

You grabbed my hand, smiled at me, told me don’t let go.
It will be a bumpy ride, as we let our two loves flow.
No this is not a game. This is not for show.
You now have my love, my mind, my body and soul.

On that moment, my knees grew weak.
My heart was pounding. A tear hit my cheek.
I new right then she was the woman for me. 
Nothing would stand between us. Not a mountain, nor the sea. 

I looked at her and said with all the love that’s in my heart. 
I pledge my love to you my dear. Today is where we start. 
And know my love for you don’t end for you, the day that we depart. 
I promise you, till the end of time, we’ll never be apart. 

                        Charles Maynard