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Love is ..❤️

Love is ..❤️

Love is.. like the moment when one is lost in a lovely dream.. each second of every minute it oozes thru your bloodstream.. reaching a point of no return, emotions rise up to the very top.. bursting your bubble when that chimera goes pop..

Just like a favourite song playing on the radio as you sing along feeling happy belting out the words you know..a burning heat within one’s heart as your temperature does rise..like a flush of energy as you run in exercise..Love can never be disguised.. tho one may suffer from it’s pain.. like the ebb and flow in an ocean as the tide does wax and wane..

Such a constant yearning to be close.. in the arms of the one you love.. snuggled up in warm embrace.. like the fitting of a glove..A yin and yang of harmony amidst your inner soul..a completion of fulfillness to make your heart feel whole..like a quote within the bible:’ Let no man put asunder’..come rain or shine nor hail or thunder.. the sensuous surge that can never be ignored.. no matter at what cost love is a gut reaction to be explored..

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