Poem -

Lover's Lament

Lover's Lament

Barbed wire garrotes
An ignorant heart
Sanguine tipped barbs
Pierce like a dart
Lies flow from
Saccharine sweet lips
Dark, arduous
Like molasses drips

Come lover
Tell me more
Bittersweet so
Worth living for
A simpleton has
No reason to beware
Surrender keen
In a passionate affair

Kept imbalanced
A distorted scale
Too proud to admit
Love’s epic fail
Like all dreams of
White picket fences
Chaos ensued
Makes ruin of defenses

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Simon Bromley

Wow lisa you're on a tremendous roll.Β  Profusely hitting home excellent write after write.

Tony Taylor

Hey DARKLY!!.......I agree with all of the above....... You are on a tremendous roll>>>.... Keep 'em coming dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!!.......T xo 🐧✴❀