Poem -

love's poison...

love's poison...

lie to me. Love is a crazy charades game
oh baby, I don’t want to play anymore now
victory is yours, as always. I’m done tonight
every night is yours to win over and take more of
still need love though, won’t you give me some?

I know it’s not fair to ask you to do that. You gotta understand, I can’t trust no man. I will leave nothing unsaid…

pour me another taste of sweetness
oh baby, I’m always tired after your games
i’m going to die here, aren’t I?
so you poisoned my last glass of wine
one sip, one tiny taste is all it’ll take
now what’ll you do, after I die? What


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Richard Waters

Defining the " spiritual " and CHEMICAL nature, of the addictive " affliction ", is beyond some !!!! If not all. For.....obvious reasons. :) :) You, come to us with an extreme variation on a theme....like being " eaten alive " !!!!
YOU ADD A TOUCH, TO THE " WORK ", of " production ", with flair and " panache " ( not, pan ASH ! ). In your heart, it seems, is a longing to " develop " or CHANGE, into the " hybrid blend " !!! Able, to enjoy whatever comes, to you, at any time...with "  devastating effect " !! IS ANY " THING " TOO MUCH FOR YOUR " TASTE BUDS " ? !!! :) I should say not, really.

When you delve into " darker " sides of EROTIC motivations, you find the quasi-essential manifestations, or implications, of eternal connection BEYOND THE SPOKEN. Perhaps, the broken. Why fall when you can " CRASH " ? :) :)
In love, and that is what we are considering, you know, there is the " physical element " .....to be DEFINED by the party or " parties " involved. Rules of " engagement " thrust processes forward to find the " acquired taste " !!! :)
LOVE TO LEARN. LEARN TO " LOVE " !!! :) :) With enthusiasm, born of " materialistic " and " physical " balances and " checks " !!! :) :) EROTIC MOTIVATION, is driven " home " by appreciating the " common bond, or purpose " ! However, it is perceived, by individualistic trait, as well as conforming " theorization " or " exploration. "
POWERFUL WRITE. In deed. And, in thought-provoking, diversifying, " dilemma " setting, methodology. The " price " of the adventure, in to the unknown, can be too high for " intoxication " !!!! Parameters, to the expression of love, leave " room for "  " manouvre ".....in other areas !!! :) :)


And here I thought this was just another silly story...hahaha! Alotah themes you've pointed out there, now I'm wondering "is that really how people saw me then?" Your comment is more thought provoking than my silly story lol. But you definitely clocked on to an interesting thought ~ being eaten alive in reference to this particular type of love...consuming and corrupting...it's poisoning her and it'll eventually kill her but that's what she asked for...you know?? I don't know...lol
I was also thinking out loud about death by poison (a poisonous love)... damaging and destroying everything inside...some try to hide what's happening to them inside as best they can, but then they start foaming at the mouth or coughing up blood...and it becomes obvious that they're dying and whether it started in the inside or the outside-who know?
Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to re-visit this old silly story!!

Richard Waters

And, to bring " THE END ", to fitting climax i.e what, the main " body " of any spectators would expect !!! :) There's a story there, if ever " I have wished, to avoid ONE !! " ( Get, it !!! ) LIVE LONG, AND SAVOUR. :)
A " sexy " reply can deliver " the goods " ! But, you need more ?
Oh, well. That, is your misfortune !!! :) :) Souls, settle for, what they can, do or can not do. Don't they ? :) :)
NEAT. OR, NOT. IT " READS " " appropriately ".......considering the TOPIC !!! " Bloody " MARY, and the " movie ", reflect a passionate stance.....or otherwise ? !!!! :) :) 
Take care. XXX :)