Poem -

Low-life scum

Low-life scum

Criminal crooks, low-life scum
they’d pilfer from their sister
& pinch from their Mum
Ramsacking & raiding throuhout the moonlight
They show no sense of remorse
nor no shame for their blight

Prowling about with a torch for a light, like a scavenging rat on the hunt in the night
With balaclavas on heads & wrenches in hands
these loathsome louts maraud our lands

Kleptomaniacal thieves
so secretively sly
Dealing in drugs with intent to supply
Fraudulent whilst furtive
such a light-fingered lot
as they rummage through your drawers to see what you’ve got

Timed oudoor search lights
will deter & detect
with an infa-red camera you will catch the suspect
Never publish your absence to the media or a stranger
you will be putting your vacant much loved home in danger