Poem -

magic fountain...

(I'd rather go blind)...

magic fountain...

magic fountain, I was told your fountain is magic
a world of treasure shimmering from beneath
golden, silver and coins of copper...a few jewels too
i see wishes, hopes and dreams...and many hearts desires
can you hear my heart too, magic fountain? my dream?

β€œI was just...I was just...I was just...sitting here thinking about you…” 

four fingers brushing along your streams
only you can hear my whispered dreams
upon thy lips I seal a kiss and a promise, as I drink
now the ritual is complete, and my wish is yours…
that is my dream, fountain of magic
and my heart's desire...you can have it all
i will spend the rest of my days waiting beside you
no one told me only a few remain


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I wish there was a 'like' option for comments (lol). Thanks so much for stopping by! Gosh, I'm just out here, trying things out...
Always grateful for the way-too-kind and awesome feedback!Β