Poem -

Man Flu

calling in sick

This blasted cough
I ho and heave
Muffle this choking
into my sleeve
I've had enough
It's getting boring
Wish I were joking
but I long stopped scoring
My throat so rough
Between wet and dry
like I'd been smoking
Just want to die
I'm out of puff
I start to faint
Tissues soaking
under a saint
Tickled and gruff
I splutter and gag
Satan's tongue is poking
as I spit into a bag
I'm not calling bluff
Perhaps I have T.B.
My voice is croaking
I'm sick can't you see?!

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Cherie Leigh

Oh what a horrible feeling....and sometimes it gets so bad you do feel like you are dying...I hope you are not really this sick Al, and that this is just a very descriptive feeling of that awful feeling we all dread coming down with. It is that time of year where cold and flu season comes on strong.  I hope my children can avoid it.  Great description with that achey feeling of a flu.  I wish I could say I enjoyed it...but I appreciated the write...lol   xo ;)   

al Bikaadi

I have a really annoying cough at the moment. No other symptoms. But hamming it up in a poem made me feel better, like I still have some freedom and autonomy over my response to this niggling annoyance. LOL