Poem -

Mary (Miriam) in Islam

Mary (Miriam) in Islam

The only woman mentioned by name in the Holy Quran
With a precious and long chapter talking about her story
She is one of the most important women in the Islam
She is one of the most righteous women with pure glory

All Muslims respect and revere Mary peace be upon her
and they consider her as a great example of the purity
the mother of prophet Jesus Christ peace be upon him
which his mother miraculously gave birth to humanity


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Well written Ebrahim, sometimes as humans we should look for the things that connect us rather than separate us..thank you for sharing this with  us. Lodigiana x

Ebrahim Alkadi

Dear Lodigiana, 

Muslims and Christians have a lot in common, we have the same teachings as (the Ten Commandments) , Muslims believe in all prophets without exception, my message from these poems is to mention some of these things to those who do not know, because it is one of the teachings of Islam that we talk and discuss and share what is mentioned in the Holy Quran with Christians and Jews alike because we all have the same message that Allah the Almighty has given to all prophets.

Thanks a lot for your lovely and precious words.