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Master & his dog

Master & his dog

There is an old wives’ tale that I shall tell to you.. tho I believe in folklore, I don’t know if it’s true.. one dark gloomy night along time ago..a man was homeless out in the cold snow..whilst he hadn’t a coat, just an old blanket & hat.. it was all that he had so that was that..

Well this particular icy, stormy day.. he sat on a street corner in his usual way.. with his best friend his dog that was by his side.. it stayed with his master till the minute he died.. yes that fateful.. frightful night when the north wind blew and everything was white.. this young poor soul passed away and they buried his body not too far away.. within a graveyard grassy and green.. where there is a ghost of a dog that many have seen

The faithful dog had found his way to his masters graveside where he did lay.. some say tho people tried their very best to move the dog where he did rest.. but alas he growled and put up a fight.. he refused to be shifted from his masters sight.. so he stayed and pined and became so thin that the ribs were protruding from out of his skin.. 

Nine months until the very day that his master did depart I was told the dog gave up the ghost.. he died with a broken heart.. but they say one can see him today lying on his masters grave.. a four-legged figure grey and ghostly.. you can look if you are brave..his whining can still be heard on a cold and winters night.. growling and groaning in amidst his eerie ghostly sight

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A Lonely Journey

Wow, what a sad story, but so telling of animals, and dogs. I love dogs, and they truly are the most dedicated, wonderful, loving creatures. I think it's sadder when dogs pass away, more than a lot of people. They have no agenda, they have no fickleness, they only have love and devotion. 
Thanks for that wonderful story, and for being great.