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You can go through life with a chip a mile wide,
Β Hold a grudge, salvage your pride.
It won't negate, the moment of first breath,
And if I outlive you, deeply mourn your death

I'll love you always, blame me for past mistakes,
So much resentment, oh how my heart breaks.
I know you feel I wasn't there
When you wanted me to care

When you thought I loved another more,
Or I was no better than a whore.
I still nursed you, comforted your every cry,
And still, you often wonder if my love was a lie.

You blame me for a lacking; to you I certainly did,
I was unavailable when you were a kid.
But you don't remember when I rocked you day and night,
Held you when your temperature was a fright.

Nine months, sharing the securest part of me,
I apologize for not being, who I should be
So hold chips close to you, find comfort in this,
I'll always be your mother, someday I'll be missed.

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Hard rock lover

Loved this poem . You have a rare gift like many on here . Your poems always flow and rhyme. You make it seem easy , rockΒ 

Cherie Leigh

HI Lisa....As a mother, I can feel the pain in this.Β  The regrets and guilt...but also the love despite what the grown child now thinks of her mother for feeling abandoned.Β  There can be so many misunderstandings and hurt that is held and damaging.Β  I feel the pain you feel from Megan.Β  I do hope someday there is full reconciliation and understanding and love that covers the past....My heart goes out to you.Β  Β Love n hugs, CherieΒ 

Nigel Cresswell

Ah, Lisa I love this. Very honest and heartbreaking.Β 
Great write.Β 

Leah Cabael Yodico

I always enjoy reading your poems. ..
Words just come down easily; perfect rhymes too.

Anthony Yormesor

You touched my emotions with this piece. Always enjoy reading a gifted sister's poem :)

Halo Pain

This is heartbreaking, such a holding read, if you know what I mean.
I hope you are well.Β