Poem -

Memories Are

Memories Are

Memories are like the rewinds of a horrific
movie that plays over and over again.
Memories are,
The smell of the cold damp basement floor
with the sounds of the chains rattling against the floor.

Go away and please leave me be!!!!
Memories are,
Darkness that shadows the light
I'm trembling with fright.
Every time I close my eyes
Your standing there to my surprise.
As I scream in despair
My life seems unfair.

Memories are,
My body shaking so violently,
I can't make it stop.
My heart is beating so fast
That I pass out and just drop, 
I go into cardiac arrest.
Hoping to die, it would be the best,
my life is such a mess.

Memories are,
While lying limp on the floor
Paramedics knock on the door.
They rush me back life
As I open my eyes and just cry.
I just wanted to never wake up
Cause the pain is killing me so much.

Memories are,
Doctors who tell me something isn't right.
I'll have to really fight.
I'll lay for days trying to block the darkness
so I can see the light, but every time I try,
My heart pounds and fly's.

Memories are,
I can't fill happy when I stay sad.
I want to really get mad..
Anger and hate fill my heart
Maybe tomorrow will be a new start.


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Dean Kuch

[Your] You're standing there to my surprise. ... Should be "You're" here, Kay, a contraction for "you are"...

My heart pounds and [fly's] flies. ... The plural of "fly"...

Nicely written, Kay. Very dark, expressive, and emotive.
I hope you don't mind the SPAG corrections.
Keep lurking in the darkness. It's cooler in here...
~Dean Kuch