Poem -

Memory of You

You have been gone for 
quite some years
But the memories of the love 
shared still lives on 

It seems like yesterday the
years just flew by
But my heart still feels the
scars you laid upon me 

The pain was like a dagger
plunged deep in my heart
Sending the memories we shared
deep into the dark abyss

My love slowly fades as
time will march on
And the ring I once wore 
now lies around my neck

my heart is now full of
pain and suffering within
For I lost the one love that
brought joy to my heart

Darkness grows deep down 
in this soul of mine
For the time will come when
I shall see you again

The dagger held high
above my head
Plunged this black
beating heart of mine

The blood slowly spilled 
to the ground beneath 
Burying the memories of
you in the soil below

So you have been gone
quite some years
But the memories we shared
faded into the dark abyss