Poem -

Microbe Invasion

A word meaning "unease".
Genuine, with no hint of appease.
Upsets people who are squeamish.

Small, unseen.
Invisible. Deadly.
Like a mini army,
more destructive
than one knows.

A soldier charges.
He enters the host.
Goes through his nose.
Cuts through
the line of defenses.
All the while
keeping up his senses.

He reaches his destination
Gives a signal.
Comrades join.

Cold, cruel.
A malevolent pool.

it should be surprising
these soldiers' rising
can happen
of one small sneeze
that spreads these nasty armies
much like fleas
on an old mattress.

Or maybe a small cough.
Even if you're tough....
You shall succumb.

Today I come home.
Wash my hands.
Slow my pace.
Clean my face.

And then,
Every night before bed
I pray- a newly formed habit.

I pray for the sick, even if I feel gray.
And hope they will, one day
Fight off the invading soldiers
And yell: "Hooray!"

I close this off with a final short end-word
that you may have heard
countless times.

Go Wuhan! You can do it!.


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