Poem -

Midsummers redwood night

There we were hand in hand nothing could divide us while we ran and ran

 all the beams of light from the moon shot down and pierced our skin with warmth 

This night was the cream of the crop we will stay up all night and probably sleep till noon

Then we came to a stop it was by a shiny river as we began to swim the cold water caused me to shiver

as​ I looked into your eyes my heart melted it warmed my body like a cup of hot chocolate in December 

But as I recall and you remember you broke my heart there's not a noun verb or predicate that could verbally describe that hurt you handed me 

 from day one if I were a fish you could say you landed me before you I was nothing but a thief and I started a whole bunch of rappers beef

​now I have you back under my arm as we lay awake in this tall foggy redwood forest tonight

Please don't leave me or I could die off of this Earth in fright, the woods are dark we can't see any light so you grip my hand tighter but as  for me things keep getting brighter

It turns out I love you and will put nothing above you but sometimes it's like we're on the intersection of love and hate avenue

I know things are tough and I don't bring in much revenue and when I can't buy you gifts it gets me feeling blue but that's how I know this love is true

As the morning light breaks the cool fall night turns into twilight she whispers in my ear I love you I turn to give her a kiss and she's gone 

​​​​​Maybe I was wrong could this have been my imagination all along


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