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Everything was lovely in the world of Jane and Wayne
A lovely house and frequent holidays in Spain
All that changed just the other day 
A complicated story but this is what I say

Jane has a best friend and her name is Lorraine
Lorraine is happily married to a man called Blane
Both Lorraine and Blane were introduced to Wayne
Not in that lovely house but actually on a train

Both couples were visiting London for the day
This is where it gets complicated as Blane is possibly gay
Wayne was flirting and chatting to Lorraine
Jane meanwhile showed no distress or pain

The reason for Jane's no discomfort is plain to see
She had her husband and her best friend for free
What I hear you say became of dear old Blane 
He had enough and took a holiday to Spain

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Cherie Leigh

Lol....This sounds like a soap opera if Dr. Seuss ever wrote one....lol..Whew!  Life can be complicated...lol  xo 

Audrey youde

I got very confused lol ,a great puzzle xx