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Monday's Creeping Up

Monday's Creeping Up

Hard graft is a young man's game,you find that,when you start getting older
 You loose that youthful cockiness and maybe,that big chip,from your shoulder
You once laughed at the old lads,when they moaned about creaking bones
 But who's laughing now,you have those creaks of your own
Back in the day,you'd work all hours God sent
 But now the years are creeping up and your glass back's,a bit more bent
Tiredness creeps up on you and it's always unexpected 
 Annoyance always accompanies it,feeling down and dejected
Its hard to lift yourself up,when your feeling down and grumpy
Sorry to say your weekend flies,because it starts again on Monday

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Gerard McGowan

Very good, I love this, it's exactly how I'm feeling now and I'm only 34, I just want to go home, put my feet up and watch the great British bake off.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Dene.....Where does the time go?  I can remember thinking that I had a long time before getting old and feeling young at the time....now I am middle aged and experiencing those aches and pains.....fearful of old age around the corner to add to the pain....It makes me more determined than ever not to take for granted my time now....honest write...xo