Poem -



It starts off slowly
It takes over every sense
Every bit of clarity you have left
It eats away at you

It comes when you’re at your highest
And lowest point
It’s a dark creature that follows you around
But only you can see it and feel it
You never know when it will go away

It starts in your head
Then touches every part of your body
It goes into your lungs
Making them tighter until you can’t breathe
It goes into your heart
Feeling like thousands of knives are plunging into you 

It’s like being in a dream,
but you don’t wake up
It’s like trying to scream;
But someone sewed your mouth shut

It traps you in your own body
But leaves a door open to freedom,
Just out of reach

It’s always watching you
For the right moment to hit you
And take everything away from you