Poem -

moon tree...

moon tree...

my time stops here, where you now grow; still as silence
only you and I remain as night turns to day then night again
over these long and lonely hours you’ve become my comfort 
nothing can harm us; so we grow colder as the world gets older

The night is like a lovely tune…Beware, my foolish heart. How white the ever-constant moon…Take care, my foolish heart…

this is our curse; the reason we stand here and the
reason we are stuck here. No where left to run. . .
everyone I love, will fall like the leaves on your dark and sharp   
everywhere I go, the roots of the moon tree will follow me


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Icarus Flocke


genius is the only word
suitable to 
describe this literary gem.
(well, aside from damn 
and wow of course. )

there is so much symbolic
variance with this piece that
i imagine it will have SEVERAL
interpretations and lead others
to think.

hats off to you.



ohmygosh! thanks for your awesome-sauce feedback!! You're way too kind. You're definitely right tho~art can have a million meanings or just the one. But it means what it means to different peeps...this was just my interpretation...X)


Icarus Flocke

youre most welcome zzzleepy. your interpretation is
spot on in my view.

one way it could be interpreted revolves around the
symbols of Time, Death, Decay, and possibly self
knowledge (which almost always leads to a knowledge
of the world)

the first stanza kind of suggests (as the last line dictates)
a forced indifference to the change brought about by time
and/or death.

and the last stanza could be said to point towards 
a "knowledge or awareness of death one can no longer
run from."
obtaining an awareness of ones and others own mortality.
a knowledge you cant unlearn.

the last line was or will be immortal.
(even if the Moon Tree follows you everywhere you go.)

cant wait to see more from you 


hahaha the character I was trying to write about would either feel insulted at how easily you figured her out or relieved someone can see her for once... ;-D thanks again!! I'm just getting back into the cosmo flow lol

Icarus Flocke

oh same here. ive been away quite some time.
i like that you said "trying to write about" i too
mostly create alternates of fiction and attempt
to write from a diverse variety of psychological
perspectives. its rarely personal because i have
no life other than words, work, and sometimes
music ....if i had to rely upon my own self as the
subject of verse i would be in trouble you know.